Nancy Gibbs Interviews Tim Cook at Time 100 Summit

Tim cook

Nancy Gibbs interviewed Tim Cook at the Time 100 Summit today. Among the topics discussed were privacy, encryption, politics, and corporate values (via 9to5Mac).

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Time 100 Summit

The Time 100 Summit is a gathering of “the world’s most influential people” across various categories like government, business, entertainment, and more. You can watch the full interview below. Since it’s currently still live, I can’t share a specific time marker.

Some of the quotes:

You know this probably not known to a lot of people in here, but Apple doesn’t have a PAC (political action committee). Apple’s probably the only large company I would think that doesn’t have a PAC, I refuse to have one because I think it shouldn’t exist.

I wish that [San Bernardino] case would have gone to court to be honest, it was dropped the day before. And  now after the inspector general reports have come out, our worst fears have been confirmed that it was a very rigged case to begin with. And so I think this was not the government’s finest hour. I have personally never seen the government apparatus move against a company like it did here in a very dishonest manner.

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