Apple Denies Using Facial Recognition in Stores

More Details on iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Emerge

A New York teen sued Apple, saying its facial recognition in a store led to his false arrest. But Apple says it doesn’t use facial recognition in its retail stores (via Fast Company).

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Retail Facial Recognition

Ousmane Bah claims a thief stole his learner’s driving permit ID, which included his name and address but not a photo, and used it at an Apple store. He further alleges Apple linked his name and address to the thief’s face using a facial recognition system. When the thief hit Apple stores in New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan, Apple “pinned the crimes on Bah” who was arrested and charged.

iphone facial recognition
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But in a statement to Fast Company, an Apple spokesperson—while declining to comment—did say that the company doesn’t use facial recognition in any of its stores.

The NYPD arrested Mr. Bah on November 29, but after a detective reviewed footage from the Apple store, the police realized the suspect didn’t look like Mr. Bah at all, and the charges were dropped.

But Mr. Bah isn’t satisfied and yesterday sued Apple for US$1 billion over its “Orwellian surveillance.”

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