Tim Cook Tried to Teach Warren Buffett How to Use an iPhone. It Didn’t go Well.

Warren Buffett

Tim Cook tried to teach Warren Buffett how to use an iPhone, the investor has revealed. It did not go all that well.

Warren Buffett

iPhone is an “Unbelievable Product” – But Warren Buffett Can’t Use it

Despite the Apple CEO’s best efforts, it appears Mr. Buffett could not quite grasp the iPhone. “I went out to California, and Tim Cook very patiently spent hours trying to move me up to the level of the average two-year-old,” Mr. Buffett told Yahoo Finance. The investor conceded that he “didn’t quite make it.” However, the two men “had a lot of fun,” apparently. Mr. Buffett, a longtime investor in Apple, described Mr. Cook as “a terrific guy,”  and called the iPhone an “unbelievable product.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the so-called Oracle of Omaha revealed he does not use apps and admitted “having a little trouble getting to the part where I actually phone somebody.” He did, however, say it was “only me” and “any two-year-old could do this.”

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