Sneak Peek of Cloudflare Warp VPN Shows Split Tunneling

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Cloudflare Warp VPN is a new service the company announced back in April. It’s destined to make using a VPN easy for everyone. Currently you have to sign up for a waiting list, but I received some screenshots of it.

Cloudflare Warp VPN

Rickie Noel (@silentshotghost) sent me screenshots of Warp, along with a speedtest video.

Cloudflare warp vpn screenshots

  • Without Warp: Download at 113 Mbps, upload at 11.3 Mbps
  • Full Tunneling: Download at 82.9 Mbps, upload at 9.81 Mbps
  • Split Tunneling: Download at 91.4 Mbps, upload at 11.1 Mbps

Split tunneling means that only some network traffic is routed through the VPN, while other traffic directly uses your Wi-Fi. An advantage of this is only the most important traffic routed through the VPN. If your internet activity isn’t routed, this can potentially save you bandwidth, and reduces network congestion.

Full tunneling means that everything is routed through the VPN. This is more secure than split tunneling because all of your traffic is protected.

It’s nice to see that Cloudflare is giving users both options, although for most users full tunneling is probably best. I’m currently #170182 on the waiting list. However, Mr. Noel’s YouTube video includes a link to the Test Flight version of Cloudflare’s app. Downloading that didn’t let me start testing Warp, so it might require a direct invitation.

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