Top 5 Apps to Personalize Your iOS Lock Screen With Widgets

iOS Lock Screen widget apps

One of the highlights of iOS 16 is the revamped, customizable Lock Screen. You can add cool depth effects to your Lock Screen wallpaper, change the clock font and color, and have specific wallpapers automatically change based on your Focus Mode. Even better, you can personalize your Lock Screen with widgets. Let’s take a look at some of the top apps that are now offering iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets.

5: Check Your Sleep Schedule and Quality Using NapBot

Is it nap time yet? NapBot offers automatic sleep tracking and analysis using Machine Learning to detect and understand your sleep. It offers quite a bit of the same metrics as iOS 16 and watchOS 9, with some added information. For example, it analyzes the sounds around you while you sleep, helping you understand how environmental noise might affect your sleep quality.

In iOS 16, NapBot adds Lock Screen widgets to track your sleep times, trends and more. This is another free app, but a pro subscription unlocks additional features.

4: Apollo, the App to Personalize Your iOS Lock Screen With Reddit Widget Support

Sure, the forum site has its own iOS app, but Apollo has long been a go-to for Reddit users. The app makes navigations through subreddits much quicker and easier and its built-in media viewer makes those multimedia posts much more enjoyable. To find a choice so quickly amongst the Reddit apps that let’s you add an iOS Lock Screen widget is pretty awesome.

That’s exactly what Apollo does. In this update, the Reddit client for iOS introduces dynamic Lock Screen widgets. It includes a trending post option to cycle through the most popular posts in a subreddit through the day and an inbox counter to let you quickly see if there’s something you need to check out. There are several more to pick in this free app supported by in-app purchases and subscriptions.

3: Overcast Puts Quick Podcast Access Where You Need It

Throughout the day, you might listen to several podcast episodes. Having to unlock your iPhone, navigate to your podcasts app and then choose the right episode can be time-consuming. With the ability to personalize your iOS Lock Screen with widgets, that problem should go away.

Thanks to the folks behind Overcast, it can. The app now allows you to choose from several widgets to offer quick access to your favorite podcasts. You can play a chosen playlist, quickly launch Overcast itself, or instantly stat playing unfinished and newly published episodes. Overcast is a free app with a monthly premium subscription option.

2: CARROT Weather Might Insult You, But It Also Keeps You Up-to-Date On Current Conditions

For years, CARROT Weather has been my favorite way to keep up with what’s going on outside. Yes, the AI-driven weatherbot is snarky and, if you allow it, downright homicidal. Who else would say they’d brought out the sun “just to blind you with it.” But, it’s all in good fun.

Now that fun can rest right in your Lock Screen’s widget panel. The app offers a wide variety of Lock Screen widgets of all sizes, including current conditions, hourly and daily forecast, air quality index and more. The twisted and deranged forecast widgets are free, but automatic updates require a paid premium subscription.

1: Widgetsmith, the Swiss Army Knife of Widgets

When widgets first came to the iOS Home Screen, Widgetsmith proved itself a great companion for its versatility. It offers the ability to choose from a wide collection of widgets you can customize almost to your heart’s content. The app includes activity widgets, calendar details, weather information and more.

In the latest update, Widgetsmith now lets you place many of your most useful widgets on your Lock Screen. This one app can place your calendar events, weather forecast, photos and more on your Lock Screen. Widgetsmith isfree to download, but does require a subscription for premium features.

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