TP-Link Introduces Tri-band Gaming Wi-Fi Router

TP-Link Archer AX6600 gaming wi-fi router

Hardcore gamers need hardcore Wi-Fi. Even if you aren’t the gamer, chances are good someone on your own Wi-Fi network is. TP-Link’s new Archer GX90 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 gaming router designed for households that need to get the most out of their broadband connection.

Why Would Anybody Need Tri-band Gaming Wi-Fi?

Dual-band Wi-Fi routers are almost the de facto standard nowadays. They provide connectivity on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless spectrums, allowing space for both newer and older devices to share the Wi-Fi in harmony. So why a third band?

TP-Link designed the Archer GX90 to provide a third 5GHz band dedicated to gaming. The router offers a combined speed up to 6,579 Mbps, with 4,804 Mbps dedicated to the gaming band. This provides the latest gaming consoles plenty of speed, low latency, and improved average throughput. It also prevents interference from other, non-gaming devices.

The Archer GX90 automatically detects and optimizes gaming streams. This helps make sure you can stay immersed in your game, not get distracted by lag and pauses in gameplay. A full dashboard on the router’s administration page reports on game duration, system utilization, and real-time latency.

Full Specs of the Archer GX90

This router is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, offers a 2.5Gbps WAN/LAN port, and features eight antennas with Beamforming to cover larger areas and eliminate dead zones. It also provides one Gigabit WAN/LAN port and three Gigabit LAN ports. The router also has two USB ports (one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0) for additional connectivity. Via USB, Mac users can utilize Apple Time Machine support.

This router is compatible with TP-Link’s OneMesh, working with any OneMesh range extenders to provide whole-home wireless coverage.

The TP-Link Archer GX90 Tri-Band Gaming Router has a suggested retail price of $249.99, and will be available soon on Amazon and other retailers.

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