President Trump Tours Texas With Tim Cook at Apple Facility

President Trump tours Texas at an Apple facility in Texas along with Apple CEO Tim Cook as soon as next week to showcase companies that keep jobs in the United States (via Reuters).

President Trump Tours Texas

The trip hasn’t been announced yet but Reuters cites “two people familiar with the matter.” Back in September Apple announced that it would once again build its Mac Pro computers in its Austin, Texas manufacturing facility.

Mr. Cook has kept a relationship with President Trump, meeting with him over 2017 on an advisory board. He is also part of the Trump administration’s Workforce Policy Advisory Board. In August when asked about his relationship with Mr. Cook, President Trump mentioned the CEO’s phone calls.

Oh, I have it with everybody, but he’s the one that calls me. You know why? That’s why he’s a great executive because he calls me, and others don’t. Others go out and hire very expensive consultants, and Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly. Pretty good. And I would take their call, too, but the only one that calls me is Tim Cook.

U.S. trade regulators recently approved 10 out of 15 Apple requests for tariff exemptions on computer parts.

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