HoverBar Duo is New Adjustable iPad Stand From Twelve South

Twelve south hoverbar duo

Twelve South announced the launch of its newest product on Wednesday. Called the HoverBar Duo, it’s an adjustable iPad stand (or iPhone stand) to use your device in hands-free mode in the kitchen, office, or other areas of your home. It’s available to purchase for US$79.99.

HoverBar Duo

The unique part of the product is the option to use a weighted stand or a desk clamp so you can attach it to a variety of surfaces.

  • iPad Clip Maximum Width: 217mm (8.5 inches)
  • iPad Clip Minimum Height: 127mm (5 inches)
  • Shelf Clamp Maximum Width: 34mm (1.4 inches)
  • Shelf Clamp Minimum Width: 10mm (0.4 inches)

Use the flexible arm stand to hold iPad flat to capture your hands drawing or crafting. Set the stand on a table for a guitar lesson. Clamp HoverBar on a workbench to make a “how to” video or set the stand on the floor to capture your TikTok dance moves.

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