Total War: WARHAMMER II The Twisted and The Twilight Out for macOS

Total war Screenshot

Feral Interactive announced on Thursday that The Twisted & The Twilight, the new Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II, is now available for macOS and Linux.

The Twisted & The Twilight

The Twisted & The Twilight introduces two new Legendary lords for the Skaven and the Wood Elves, each with new units, gameplay mechanics and unique narrative objectives.

With a rift torn open in the Dreaming Woods, Queen Ariel of Athel Loren and her trusted emissaries, the Sisters of Twilight, move to secure it for the Wood Elves. Throt the Unclean has other ideas however, and rallies his monstrous Skaven horde against the Sisters and their Elven queen.

The game pack is available now on the Feral Store for US$9.99.

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