Twitch Revealed New Features for Mods on iOS as It Celebrated Mod Appreciation Day

Twitch has introduced an important role of moderators on its platform, dedicating April 11th as Mod Appreciation Day. Moderators, identified by green swords in chat, are responsible for facilitating welcoming and safe communities by managing queues, answering viewer questions, and enforcing chat rules.

Twitch encourages users and viewers to show appreciation. To do so, they can use the new ModLove emote in chat, while streamers can give special shoutouts to their moderators.

Not only this, but Twitch has also announced new features to simplify moderation tasks. Previously available only on desktops, the moderation suite Mod View is now launching for iOS devices. This will let moderators perform actions directly from the Twitch mobile app.

Let’s be honest: moderators often face harassment when they issue warnings. To address this, an upcoming feature will allow them to send anonymous warnings to chatters, requiring acknowledgment before resuming chat participation. This feature can be rolled out within the next month.

There is more: Switch has announced that new resources will be added to its Creator Camp program to support aspiring moderators and those seeking to master the new tools. A live stream on April 24th at 11 am PST on will help with further guidance.

The Android version of Mod View seems to be under development. The iOS version of Mod View is expected to receive new widgets in the coming months.

By combining community appreciation with new features and ongoing development, Twitch is solidifying its commitment to its moderators, who play a vital role in maintaining the platform’s positive and secure environment. Wish Reddit did something similar.

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