UK COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Set to Launch in Coming Weeks

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LONDON – After delays, the UK’s NHS COVID-19 contact tracing smartphone app is set to be released in the coming weeks, in time for the country’s plan to further loosen lockdown measures in the early part of July. It will follow an update to the app currently being tested on the Isle of Wight.

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“Fundamentals” of UK Contact Tracing App “in Place”

One official told The Times:

There are always things you can do to refine and develop if you have the time. But the fundamentals of the system are in place and it is really now a political decision for ministers over when they chose to launch it.

While the UK is not using the Apple/Google framework, it is understood that it remains open to the possibility.  Another ongoing discussion is whether or not the app will offer so-called “amber” warnings for people who have been in contact with those that are symptomatic but not yet received a positive test.

One thought on “UK COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Set to Launch in Coming Weeks

  • I’m still waiting for my state to create an app that I and others could opt in to. Considering the autocratic tendencies of our country there is no way I would expose my identity/location to an app that would track me (not even taking into account the potential hit to battery usage).

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