Upcoming 12.9-Inch iPad Air Might Have Same Screen as the Current Larger iPad Pro

2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air may finally Debut in the Second Week of May

The upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Air, scheduled to launch alongside the 2024 iPad Pro in the second week of May, could ditch LCD in favor of a new mini-LED display, according to a new report.

The report, shared by analyst Ross Young, who is generally right about these developments, especially in display tech, shared details about the changes in the 12.9-inch iPad Air display via a post on X (paywalled). “Surprise! The upcoming 12.9″ iPad Air has a MiniLED display,” he wrote, confirming details about the device.

Just so you know, Apple already uses MiniLED screens on some iPads and MacBooks. These screens give better contrast, especially when you’re watching videos. Regular screens can’t show true black colors well, but MiniLED ones are closer, without costing as much as OLED screens.

Moreover, since Apple doesn’t have a mini LED screen in the 10.9-inch size, it’s most likely that the upcoming 10.9-inch iPad Air will stick with the usual LCD screen. Meanwhile, the top-dollar iPad Pro models might have OLED screens for the first time, coming hot on the heels of the previously introduced miniLED screen with the 2022 iPad Pro.

That said, Apple has reportedly kept shifting the launch dates for the 2024 iPad Air and Pro models. Initially, rumors pointed Cupertino would take wraps off new iPads during a March launch, which later shifted to April. Now, per latest reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new iPads could be hitting shelves in the second week of May. 

The four iPad models—two for each—also appeared recently on India’s BIS purportedly carrying model numbers: A2836, A2837, A2898, and A2899, hinting the release is imminent. On top of the upcoming iPads, the event might also see a new Apple Pencil with a squeeze feature and a new Magic Keyboard come to life. 


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