A New App Signals at Apple Vision Pro’s Imminent Launch in China

Apple Vision Pro

The release of a 3D shopping app specifically made for the headset by a major retailer suggests that the Apple Vision Pro will soon be available in China.

As of right now, the Apple Vision Pro is exclusive to the US, but the rumor mill suggests it will be global before WWDC 2024. China appears to be among the first significant markets to get the headset.

Although the headset isn’t available for purchase in China just yet, people have already managed to get their hands on it and started renting it out on an hour or day basis.

The South China Morning Post claims that Alibaba’s Taobao online marketplace launched a new shopping app in China. They especially made the software for the Apple Vision Pro and published it on Friday.

Moreover, some Americans who purchased the headset and brought it to China have been able to use the app.

Taobao’s app is capable of 3D functionalities, as one might anticipate from a visionOS software, and is purported to give customers an opportunity to see how furniture, appliances, and consumer electronics would look within their own homes.

According to reports, the program is still in the testing phase, and the final version should be available when Apple launches the device in China.

Aside from CEO Tim Cook stating a 2024 launch taking place in China, there is no word about when the Apple Vision Pro will be available in other regions, but rumors suggest the debut could take place in April or May.

However, Alibaba isn’t the only leading corporation in China collaborating with Apple on the Vision Pro. China’s largest digital company, Tencent, apparently also consented to transfer its programs to the headset.

All in all, everything points toward an imminent launch of Apple Vision Pro in China.


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