U.S. Government had 4,570 Device Requests for Apple in 2018

Apple has redesigned its transparency website to make it easier to understand the transparency reports it produces. It makes a list of government device requests in an easily understandable format.

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Transparency Reports

In the past, Apple’s transparency reports were delivered in the form of a PDF. They were written in a sort of legalese that made it hard for non-lawyers to read. The new website has a country-by-country breakdown, with charts, sliders, and categories. If you prefer the PDF format, those are still available. You can also download CSV files to dive even deeper into the data.chart showing us government device requests

You use the slider to scroll through the countries, and there is a drop-down menu that lets you pick the date range for transparency reports. Another new feature is that Apple is giving data on national security requests in groups of 500, instead of 250. This is to standardize it with what other companies are doing. FISA data is further broken down into categories like photos, emails, contacts, and device backups.

In the United States, Apple received 4,570 requests for device data and responded to 3,697, providing data for a total of 81% of requests. In the rest of the world Apple received 32,342 requests covering 163,823 devices, providing data for 25,829 of the requests, an 80% response rate.

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