Verizon Home Internet is Now Available for 20 Million Americans

5G antenna tower

Verizon Home Internet coverage has reached 20 million Americans, the carrier announced on Wednesday. This includes service for households and businesses.

Verizon Home Internet Coverage

Currently, Verizon 5G service is available in over 1,700 cities across the United States as of January 2022. Now, over 20 million households and 2 million businesses have been added to the carrier’s coverage.

Verizon has listed a checklist so consumers can be sure that they can upgrade to 5G.

  • Get one of the latest 5G phones, such as iPhone 12 and later. To experience the benefits of 5G Ultra Wideband, you’ll need one of the latest 5G phones with the latest software update in your settings.
  • Sign up for 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited plans. To get the most out of 5G Ultra Wideband, you’ll want to be on a new data plan.
  • Look for the indicator. Once you’ve got your 5G phone and your new plan, look for the “5G UW” indicator on the top right corner of your phone.

Here’s what to do for Verizon home internet:

  • Plug in your address. Visit and put in your address
  • Choose your plan. Select the 5G Home Internet plan that best serves your needs. Once you’ve chosen your plan, Verizon will send you everything that you need for a simple self-setup. You’ll be up and running in no time. Do you have your mobile service with Verizon? Get 50% off 5G Home when you are on one of our new 5G Ultra Wideband Unlimited plans. You can even get the first month on free
  • Check back often. If 5G Home has not yet come to you, we’ve got other internet options to fit your needs, like LTE Home Internet and Fios Internet. Verizon is constantly expanding our networks, so check back often to see what services are available in your neighborhood

You can find more information about Verizon Home Internet here.

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