Visible Deal Gives 2 Months Unlimited Data for $11

visible 2for22 deal

Prepaid carrier Visible is offering a deal that provides two months of unlimited data at US$11.00 for each month. The 2for22 deal starts tomorrow, February 2 and includes a US$200 choose your own gift card. Use the code 2FOR22 at checkout.

Visible 2For22

People can either bring their own phone to the service or buy a new one through Visible. Act fast, because from February 3 to February 24 the gift card will be US$100. The carrier has more information about gift cards here. Here’s how to get one:

  1. Join Visible – You’ll need to bring your current phone or a new phone from the list below. Then create an account through or the app.
  2. Transfer your number – Bring your number from your current carrier by transferring it on site, in the app, or with a little help from the Care team.
  3. Set up your SIM and activate – Download your eSIM or insert your new SIM card, and then follow the instructions in your account to activate your service.
  4. Choose a virtual gift card – Make service payments for 3 full months, then keep an eye on your email for further instructions.

Visible, a carrier that I reviewed here and still use, is a prepaid carrier that uses Verizon’s network. It gives you unlimited data for US$40 a month, but that price can be lowered down to US$25 minimum using the company’s Party Pay feature. Party Pay is similar to a shared family phone plan except you don’t need to live in the same household. “There‚Äôs no sharing or splitting minutes, texts, data, lines, payments, or even an account. You share the savings and nothing else.”

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