Visible to Offer Early Smartphone Upgrade Program for Members

Visible app on iPhone

Starting May 3, Visible will offer an early smartphone upgrade program for Apple, Samsung, and Google phones.

Early Upgrade Program

Visible partners with Affirm to offer financing for devices. The program will be available for all devices eligible for device financing with Affirm over $100. Here are the requirements:

  • Purchase an eligible device on through Affirm for 0% APR (inclusive of Apple, Samsung, and Google devices, as well as specific Motorola, OnePlus, and ZTE devices).
  • Pay off at least 50% of their Affirm loan; at this point, the member is eligible to upgrade to a newer generation phone of the same make for no additional upgrade fee.
  • Return the “old” phone to Assurant within 14 days of receiving your new device, and Visible will pay off the remaining loan balance.

Visible offers unlimited data plans for US$40/month.

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