Visible Introduces Multi-Line Party Pay Feature

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Prepaid carrier Visible is back with another way to save customers money. It’s called Party Pay and it can lower your bill.screenshot of visible party pay

Visible Party Pay

Party Pay lets you create a group of 2, 3, or 4 people to help reduce everyone’s bill. With a single line Visible costs US$40/mo. Party Pay introduces cheaper pay structures:

  • Party of Two: US$35 per line
  • Party of Three: US$30 per line
  • Party of Four: US$25 per line

Everyone in the party has their own Visible account. You don’t even have to know the people in real life. “Don’t know three other people? You can even find some Internet randos who’d love to save some cash with you.” To get started, sign up for a Visible account. Then visit the Party Pay section within the app to create a party and invite people.

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One thought on “Visible Introduces Multi-Line Party Pay Feature

  • So far, it seems like a great deal. Visible is just a Verizon NVMO, so expect near Verizon speeds and quality.
    New users can use code wJmDr and save $20 (50%) the first month of service and get up to

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