VSCO X Film Presets and What They’re Best For (Update)

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VSCO X is a membership program for the photography app VSCO. It’s a yearly subscription that offers members exclusive film emulation presets. Members also have access to the entire library of 130+ presets. The membership costs US$19.99/year.

VSCO releases a new Film X preset every month, so this list will be continually updated. I’ll also highlight each month’s film or editing tool for our Cool Stuff Found category. You can read my VSCO X review here.

Some films can be used for different types of photography, so I think it’s easier just to alphabetically list them instead of breaking it down into genres, because some films would be in multiple categories. There are far more color films than black and white films, so I’ll designate the black and white films with (BW).

Finally, you can also find the list of films in a public Google Doc I’ve created, which should make searching easier.

Film X

Agfa Ultra 100 (AU1)

Ideal for bringing cloudy or dull settings to life, AU1 is the successor to AU5. Although AU1 and AU5 are similar in high contrast and bright color, AU1 is cooler and has a more balanced color palette, ideal for all skin tones.

Agfa Ultra 50 (AU5)

AU5 is renowned for producing the most outlandish, over-saturated colors of any negative film since its release in 1991. While AU5 boosts all tones, it especially brings warm colors to life, making it ideal for landscape photography over portraiture.

Processed with VSCO with AU5 preset

Agfa Vista 400 (AV4)

This versatile preset provides an authentic film look with a subtle character. Its cool tones and natural colors are great for snapshots and urban portraits. AV4 has medium contrast and saturation and slightly reddish skin tones. Try increasing the character slider to bump up the contrast slightly and turn the highlights pink, or reducing the character for a slight greenish fade. AV4 is a perfect go-to film for a day trip.

Agfa Vista 800 (AV8)

Discontinued from the mid 2000s, AV8 is a high-speed consumer film with a classic aesthetic. It yields a strong fade that cleans up quickly with positive character and multiplies even faster in the negative for a melancholy yet hopeful feel. AV8 has medium contrast and slightly muted color, making it ideal for snapshots and casual portraits.

Fuji Neopan 1600 (FN16) | (BW)

FN16 is a bold, high contrast, high-speed black and white film. It was designed to bring subjects to life in difficult low-light situations. Underexposure reduces contrast and fades shadows significantly. Overexposure increases contrast and deepens shadows. FN16 is ideal for photojournalism, street photography, and concerts. Add a medium to large amount of grain for an authentic look.

Fuji Pro 160S (FP1)

FP1 is a low contrast film, notable for the way it elegantly renders skin tone. The film has good exposure latitude, while the colors enhance the image to create a ‘glorified reality.’ FP1 is a superb selection for outdoor portraits, particularly when the subject is surrounded by natural colors. Add a small amount of grain for an authentic look.

Processed with VSCO with FP1 preset

Fuji Pro 160C (FP2)

FP2 is similar to Fujifilm 160S but with greater contrast and color saturation. The film renders skin tone naturally, especially when overexposed. The colors are naturally mild, but rarely flat. FP2 excels in images of nature, still life, architecture, and outdoor portraits. Add a small amount of grain for an authentic look.

Fuji Pro 400H (FP4)

FP4 is known for its unique reproduction of color and skin tone. The film exhibits medium contrast, medium grain with a good exposure latitude. FP4 is well-suited for outdoor portraits, especially against natural colors. Add a medium amount of grain for an authentic look.

Fuji Pro 800Z (FP8)

FP8 is a high contrast, low light film popular with portrait photographers. Overexposure generates saturated colors, especially in the reds. FP8 is great for outdoor or indoor portraits, fashion, and weddings. Add a medium amount of grain for an authentic look.

Fuji Provia 400X (FR4)

FR4 is a versatile, medium-high contrast color reversal (positive) film. Designed for high resolution, color saturation and flexibility in low light. Overexposure increases contrast, but can lead to blown out, pinkish highlights. Underexposure quickly loses contrast and takes on an earth tone fade. FR4 is a great general purpose film. Add a small amount of grain for an authentic look.

Processed with VSCO with FR4 preset

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