What To Expect From Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple analyst Mark Gurman says that the Apple Watch 8 will have the same processing performance as its predecessors. The analyst, however, expects new health tracking features such as fever detection.

Series 8 Will Have the Same Processing Speed as the Series 7 and Series 6

In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reiterated his previous prediction about the Apple Watch Series 8. Earlier, Gurman stated the S8 chip to be used by Watch 8 would match the S7 chip in Watch 7 performance-wise. This means that Apple will not have improved the processing power of the Watch since 2020. The Apple Watch Series 6 released in 2020 has the same processing power as the Series 7 released last year.

Gurman pointed out that Apple has been busy working on several chips for the Mac. After the M1, Apple will soon make more M2 Macs available. Aside from those two processing chips, Apple has also been working on the M2 Ultra, M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M3. This has taken its toll on the advancement of processing chips for the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 8 Fever Detection is a Go

However, when it comes to new features, Gurman believes that the Apple Watch Series 8 will prove useful enough for current Watch users to consider upgrading when it comes out. For one, the Apple Watch Series 8 will have body-temperature detection. This means the Watch will be able to tell if a user is running a fever. Gurman noted that this fever-detection feature won’t be as accurate as a traditional thermometer. But the Watch will at least be able to alert the user if a possible fever is detected. It will then recommend seeing a doctor or using a thermometer.

The fever-detection feature will be available for both the regular Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch rugged edition that Gurman says Apple will release this year. He added that the said feature would not be available on the new Apple Watch SE that Apple will also release this year.

Aside from the body temperature detection feature, Gurman also believed that there will be some minor hardware changes in Apple Watch Series 8. He hopes the new Apple Watch will have an updated display brighter than the current Watch 7. Finally, display supply chain analyst Ross Young has it on good authority that Apple will release a third size of the Watch this fall. Responding to queries, the analyst believes Cupertino is planning a 50.5mm Apple Watch Series 8, perhaps for its new rugged edition.

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