World Book Day: TMO Reading Suggestions

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It’s World Book Day, so I hung around the TMO water cooler and asked whoever came by to give me suggestions on something cool to read. Check out what everyone said, including my own suggestion.

World Book Day

Check out TMO’s suggestions for World Book Day

John Martellaro

Andrew Orr

Kelly Guimont

Jeff Gamet

Melissa Holt

Amazon is offering several titles from around the world for free, today, too. You can check them out at the Kindle book store.

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  1. eolake

    Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Bucke:
    I’ve read most of this book before, I’m excited to get back. This is a very famous and very exceptional book about consciousness and enlightenment (Illumination, Awakening, Liberation…). Its treatise about the development of consciousness of the universe alone is fascinating.
    It’s also interesting because it’s a book about Enlightenment written from a psychology viewpoint, whereas most of those are from a mystical or religious viewpoint.

    The book can be found for free, or on Amazon in various editions, including several Kindle versions, unusually. But sadly I have not found any audiobook edition. (Though admittedly audiobooks are more fitted for fiction than for this kind of book, which requires more chewing.)

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