Steve Wozniak: ‘I Wish Apple Had Split up’

Steve Wozniak Split Apple

Apple should have “split up a long time ago,” according to co-founder Steve Wozniak. He said that the company should have “spun-off independent divisions.”

Steve Wozniak Split Apple

Steve Wozniak Wanted “Independent Divisions”

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Mr. Wozniak said:

I wish Apple on its own had split up a long time ago and spun-off independent divisions to faraway places and let them think independently.

He noted Hewlett Packard did that during his time working there. Mr. Woznkiak said that “big tech has gotten too big. It’s too powerful a force in our life and its taken our choices away.”

However, Mr. Wozniak insisted that “Apple is the best of the companies for a lot of different reasons.”  These included “caring about the customers” and “making money off good products not really tracking you and following you.”

3 thoughts on “Steve Wozniak: ‘I Wish Apple Had Split up’

  • You’ll find people calling for Apple to spin-off neglected products. Apple is reportedly run by about 5 managers, who don’t seem to be able to focus on more than one product at once. They’re trying to update Mac and iPad at a better rate, but their hearts aren’t really in it. Jobs had the idea of each product having to justify itself, but that went away when Mac was held back to boost iPad sales. Bring touch and Pencil support to Mac and see how iPad fares.

    What Apple needs to do is expand its true upper management, which hasn’t grown even though the company has grown by two orders of magnitude since Jobs returned. I can see the synergies in keeping Apple whole, but it has to be able to focus on more than one product at a time. Seriously.

  • If only the Woz was the Boss. Just as this site hasn’t been “Mac” Observer for years – I would’ve spun off that iOS Apple co. in a heartbeat just to get as far away from the garbage iOS “tools of ignorance” like phones and such that are ruining (and literally killing via texting while being human) the fabric of society whilst dumbing down the already dumb kids that are pasted to their toys all day like programmed idiots. Who knows what kind of light recording input devices and 3D screens and AR systems mated to AI would be mature by now if Apple didn’t succumb to being a commodity selling ‘sugar water’ that just doesn’t matter. 📺

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