Apple announced new developer technologies at WWDC 2020. Perhaps the most significant of these was Xcode 12.

Xcode 12

Xcode 12 Gets Redesign for  macOS Big Sur

Xcode has been redesigned to be part of macOS Big Sur. It has new document tabs to make opening multiple files fast, and lightweight to support interface files. Furthermore, logs and project files will open in their own tab. Navigator fonts now match the system size but can also be set to small, medium, or large. By default, Xcode 12  builds macOS Universal apps that will support new Macs with Apple silicon. There is a new StoreKit tool in XcCod that will allow developers simulate subscription setups, in-app purchases, and refunds locally on a Mac.

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Beyond Xcode 12, Apple said it is providing users greater access to its platforms, allowing them to integrate more deeply. This includes a new Find My network which can be used by third-parties. Third-party music services can also be integrated into HomePod. Meanwhile, Safari for Mac is going to support the WebExtensions API which is use by Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. This means it should be easier for those who develop extensions to build them for Safara and distribute them in the App Store.

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