iOS 10 Messages: How to use Screen Effects

Messages are a lot flashier in iOS 10 thanks to screen effects you can add to your conversations. They’re easy to use, but are kind of hidden unless you know where to look. Just remember: You and your recipient need iOS 10 installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to send and receive them. What TMO’s video tip to see Messages screen effects in action.

Apple Gets Approval to Sell Wholesale Energy as Tech Giants Blaze Renewable Trail

Apple Energy LLC, the Apple subsidiary that develops and maintains Apple’s U.S. energy generation projects, received regulatory approval to sell electricity into the wholesale market. This will give Apple flexibility in developing electricity generation for its own use. It also demonstrates how technology giants have developed renewable energy traditional utilities have been slow to build.

Eventually, AI Agents Will Put Even Authors Out of Work

Computers play better chess than humans. They can be instructed on how to do detailed manufacturing, beyond the abilities of humans. They shrewdly buy and sell stock. They can read medical literature and aid in the treatment of disease.  It won’t be long before even the last bastion of the human mind, creative writing, will be replaced by AI agents. John looks at the trend line.

Comprehensive Drone Tour Shows Major Progress on Apple's Spaceship HQ

Apple Campus 2.0—nicknamed the Spaceship HQ—has seen a lot of progress, as shown in a new comprehensive drone tour of the building. This is the most detailed drone video of the construction site I’ve seen to date, as it looks at at the main, circular building, side buildings, the tunnels leading to underground parking, and more. It’s a 4K video, too, meaning the clarity is outstanding. Apple Campus 2.0 is scheduled for completion in 2017.

TMO Daily Observations 2016-08-05: Apple's Good Data Exploitation, iOS and OS X Hack Bounties

Apple is exploiting some of our data it has collected, but in a good way. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about the personal touch the Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad now offers users, plus they share their thoughts on Apple officially announcing it’s offering bounties on iOS and OS X hacks.

Video Shows Apple's Lightning Earbuds in Action

A video shows what appears to be Apple’s Lightning connector earbuds is making the rounds, and if it’s legit it looks like we won’t be able to charge our iPhones while using them. Apple still hasn’t confirmed that this fall’s iPhone will ditch the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of audio over Lightning, but as we get closer to the release it’s seeming more and more likely.

Apple Store App gets More Personal

Apple rolled out version 4.0 of the Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad on Friday. The new version offers up product recommendations based on the Apple devices you already own, lets you know if accessories are compatible when you scan them in-store, and makes it easier to keep track of which Apple products you own. The redesigned app better highlights in-store workshops and reservations, and it’s easier to sign up for both. iPad users get some love, too, thanks to the app’s new support for Slide Over and split screen views. The Apple Store app is a free download.