Smartduvet Breeze: Dual-Zone Climate Control Duvet THAT MAKES ITSELF UP!

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I don’t use exclamation points in titles, but come on, Smartduvet Breeze MAKES ITSELF UP! I mean, IT MAKES ITSELF UP! I can’t even type it without going all capslock with a bang. OK, it’s also offers dual-zone climate control, but IT MAKES ITSELF UP! Watch the video. You’ll see it. I love a made bed, but being an overgrown boy at heart, I hate making the bed up. And so do a lot of other people, it seems, because Smartduvet has raised $579,533 on Indiegogo out of an original goal of just $20,000 (4 days left as of this writing). The Breeze part of this product is a system of air passages that delivers climate-controlled air through Smartduvet Breeze. Each side can be controlled through a smartphone app. The self-making part is done through a different set of air passages that essentially inflates to its made state when activated. There are funding options starting at $199 that get a Smartduvet Breeze, with shipping estimated for September.

5 Ways to Write C++ Code on Your Mac

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C++ on a Mac

This article, written for students learning C++ on the Mac, shows several different ways to get started.

Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

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Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

We have a deal on a pair of active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones for those looking for an alternative to Bose or other high-end offerings. They’re Bluetooth 4.0, feature 12 hours of playtime, and have 40mm drivers. They’re $79.99 through us.

Apple Releases tvOS 11 Developer Beta 3

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Apple TV tvOS 11 beta

Along with iOS 11 developer beta 3 and macOS High Sierra developer beta 3, Apple rolled out tvOS 11 developer beta 3 on Monday.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Professor of Computer Science Dr. John Gustafson

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Dr. John Gustafson on Background Mode.

Dr. John Gustafson is a professor of computer science, now at The National University of Singapore. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied mathematics from Iowa State University and also specializes in high performance (supercomputer) computing. (HPC). He’s worked at Sun Labs, Clearspeed Technology, Massively Parallel Technology, Intel, and AMD. At an early age, he was fascinated by chemistry and also had a good sized electronics lab in his basement (thanks to indulgent parents). But by the time he started his undergraduate degree at Cal Tech, he’d settled on applied mathematics with physics as a second major. It was at Cal Tech where he met and was influenced by the Nobel Prize winning physicist, Dr. Richard Feynman. John, describes his career arc, and at the end has some great advice for young scientists just getting started.

Apple Seeds Third Developer Beta of Xcode 9

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As with the other developer betas Apple released Monday, this release will be a mix of bug fixes and other tweaks to new features in these developer tools.

Apple Seeds macOS High Sierra Developer Beta 3

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macOS High Sierra beta

In this early phase in the developer beta cycle, Apple is using each release to squash bugs, tweak the interface, and try different approaches in new features.

Apple Seeds iOS 11 Developer Beta 3

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iOS 11

This early-phase build is likely to contain a mix of bug fixes, as well as tweaks and different implementations of new iOS 11 features.

Apple Building 2nd Data Center in Denmark, Will Be Powered by Renewable Energy

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Apple is building its second data center in Denmark, according to Reuters, citing Apple itself as the source. Like Apple’s other data centers, this one will also be powered entirely by renewable energy. Apple has committed to having 100% of its global operations powered by renewable energy. This data center will be located in Aabenraa, a town in southern Denmark near the German border, and Apple plans to open it in the second quarter of 2019. It will drive the company’s iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Maps, and Siri in Europe.

Apple Building 2nd Data Center in Denmark, Will Be Powered by Renewable Energy

Disconnect VPN 1-Year Premium Subscription: $19

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Disconnect VPN on an iPhone

We have a deal on Disconnect, a VPN service that specializes in tracker blocking. Our deal is for a one year subscription for $19 (regular price is $50), and it’s good for use on up to three devices. Check out the details on the deal listing.