4 thoughts on “Could Apple TV+ be Banned Across Europe? With Adrian Weckler – Media+

  • Charlotte:

    A good discussion. I quite concur that this is one situation in which the UK could continue to enjoy unabridged Apple TV+ content whilst EU member countries might go without. I suspect that this will not be the case.

    Between smart people at Apple and lawyers all around, all sides might settle on an interpretation of this regulation that would permit Apple more time to get legitimate European content, ironically including that from the UK, that would satisfy the requirement. It is not yet clear what constitutes content, and whether or not simple studio participation is sufficient (many special effects, sound and production work occurs in both the UK and the EU for major productions, eg Disney’s Marvel).

    Apple voluntarily pulling out the European market seems unlikely, so long as their competitors are there, although it would be plausible for Apple and Disney to pool their negotiating power to compel compromise.

    As a last resort, Apple could throttle their EU catalogue to the bare minimum that would satisfy the 30% rule, which should please absolutely no one. The greater concern is whether or not other regional markets will follow suit. This would be good for regional culture and industry/market support, specifically India and China and not to forget both the growing Gulf and Sub-Saharan African markets, but could also result in delays in rolling out the service.

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