Founder, Bombich Software, Mike Bombich (#2) – TMO Background Mode Interview

Mike Bombich is the founder and president of Bombich Software, the developer of Carbon Copy Cloner. That’s a backup app for the Mac that has saved the day for many users. He’s a former Apple employee.

In this timely post-WWDC show, Mike joins me to explain the structure of APFS drives and the new read-only System files in macOS Catalina. He explained new features of volumes in macOS 10.15, especially how the System is isolated from the Data volume (which contains /Users). He also explained the new firmlinks that tie these two volumes together, making them appear as one. Finally, Mike explained how Carbon Copy Cloner external drives can no longer be HFS+ in Catalina but must become APFS.

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My Background Mode interview #2 with Mike Bombich

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3 thoughts on “Founder, Bombich Software, Mike Bombich (#2) – TMO Background Mode Interview

  • I’ve been using CCC for about ten years, on and off – really need to get a new copy, it is the most awesome backup / cloning tool ever! It makes anything on Windoze look absolutely awful.
    The session was really good – the insights into hard, soft and now firm links made me chuckle.

    Thanks Mike

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