TMO Background Mode Interview with VP of Marketing for Mayfield Robotics Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is the VP of Marketing for Mayfield Robotics. They make the companion robot called Kuri that was recently shown to our Jeff Gamet at CES 2018. Having been a very interested observer of emerging robot technology, I invited Chris to be on the show. We talked about how Mayfield Robotics was formed, the founders, how the company got its name, the human and engineering design principles behind Kuri, what mistakes were avoided, how Kuri protects family privacy and security, the nuances of Kuri’s physical design, how Kuri communicates with the family, its processing power, the price and the shipping status. Kuri is probably going to be my first family robot, so tune-in as Chris explains how Kuri works in fascinating detail. You may want one too.

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Chris Matthews on Background Mode

My Background Mode interview with Chris Matthews

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2 thoughts on “TMO Background Mode Interview with VP of Marketing for Mayfield Robotics Chris Matthews

  • John – you know I love almost all of your writing and podcasts, but…

    …in my opinion this was the 2nd worst episode ever (the idiot from Car and Driver was the worst) … after listening to this episode all I know is that there is some company making a $900 robot that the only thing I know it can do is shoot video in my house while I’m gone. Can’t say that I’m quite as excited as you are about that.

    Sorry, just my 2 cents worth…

    Old UNIX Guy

    1. When I can get my hands on one for evaluation, I’ll report if that’s an accurate assessment of the product. But my first thought is: I don’t think it is. We shall see.

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