TMO Background Mode Interview with Colorado Charter School Academic Director Johanna Harth

Johana Harth is the Academic Director of a Colorado charter school. Over the last 12 years, she’s gained enormous experience in how to match the curriculum needs of K-8 grade students with modern computer technology. Thanks to the technical influence of her father, and being very good at math, as a youth her plan was to become an engineer. She graduated from U.C. San Diego with a degree in industrial engineering. All was according to plan until some significant, serendipitous events changed her life. Just how she became the Academic Director of a charter school, and then became involved in computer technology is an amazing story. Johanna explained the school’s migration from Macs to Chromebooks, when the students start with computers, how they use them and what they’re taught about computers. It’s a very, ahem, educational story.

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Johanna Harth on Background Mode.

My Background Mode interview with Johanna Harth

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One thought on “TMO Background Mode Interview with Colorado Charter School Academic Director Johanna Harth

  • John – another great episode of Background Mode. But one that should scare the crap out of Apple! If Apple keeps losing share in the education market to Google it’s going to come back to bite them in the posterior … BIGLY … on down the road.

    And maybe not too far on down the road … I’ve worked in research / scientific computing for the last almost 13 years. It used to be that the Mac dominated at least as far as the laptops / desktops people use. But now I’m starting to see people coming in who don’t care what the computer is as long as they have access to Google’s apps and services.

    So, to use an analogy, if Apple isn’t careful they’re going to turn into the Porsche of computers … and I see a whole lot more people driving Camaro’s and Mustang’s than Porsche’s…

    Old UNIX Guy

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