Consumer Reports Loves the Mac Again, Bigger Apple TV Apps – TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-13

Consumer Reports changed its tune and now recommends Apple’s new Touch Bar MacBook Pro. John Martellaro joins Jeff Gamet to debate whether or not we should trust Consumer Reports computer reviews, plus they share their thoughts on the big app size increase for Apple TV.

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One thought on “Consumer Reports Loves the Mac Again, Bigger Apple TV Apps – TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-13

  • Skepticism about CU’s ability to test computers brings up a mix of reactions for me. First, one has to realize or understand that Consumer Reports is writing for a very pedestrian audience; they think, right or wrong, that their “consumers” are run-of-the-mill people who are generally ignorant of the nuances of ANY product. So, when you computer geeks see what CU does you become skeptical. I am a photography geek, so when I see the appalling simplicity of the cameras they test and the total lack of real investigative testing I am as skeptical as Jeff is about computers tested by CU. I wish they would test the higher end cameras just once, but that’s not their audience. Similarly, I have a good friend who is a car buff and is equally dismayed by the CU ratings of cars: he wants detailed “Road and Track” analyses, not information restricted for families of 4 headed out on vacation or driving their cars to work and day cares every day. So, my thinking is that CU probably hires engineers and testing gurus whose paradigms are equivalent to the audience that CU thinks they are informing, however badly, about all the products they test. So, the likes of me and photography, my friend and automobiles, or you and computers are way out of CU’s league. So, I stick with the toasters and steam irons that CU tests and ignore their tests on computers and cameras. I am closer to their intended audience when it comes to cars, however, which – by the way – is the ONLY product they test for longevity other than computers: I have discovered, for example, that some of Samsung’s televisions don’t last much beyond their warranty, but CU doesn’t care about how long those products will survive. Nor do thry care much about how long that washing machine will last. But, I digress. See how mixed up I am?

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