MGG 628: Cool Stuff Found and The DNS Achilles Heel

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Cool Stuff Found includes how to keep Safari from opening iTunes automatically, a new USB circuit tester, bluetooth stereo speaker, a better way to backup your iPhone and more. Then it’s on to your questions, including a segment on managing your iPhone from the new Console app in macOS Sierra. Plus, your two favorite geeks talk through this week’s DNS outage and how they got around it. Download today and enjoy!

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Show Notes

Note: Shownotes are complete! Stuff mentioned: Chapters/Timestamps: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 628 00:01:55 Andy-CSF-Keep safari from opening iTunes automatically 00:03:10 Mark-CSF-Micromat's USBee Circuit Tester 00:04:08 Zach-CSF-Classic Mac Sticker pack 00:05:20 Trackr Bravo 00:07:32 Thinium Recharge+ 00:08:44 Seek Thermal Compact for Otterbox 00:10:43 Michael-CSF-Anker Stereo Bluetooth Speaker 00:12:01 Kurt-CSF-Gargoyle Routers 00:13:15 CSF-Solos 00:14:30 CSF-Meem 00:16:11 Seagate IronWolf 00:17:42 Coupon Apps 00:20:42 Kurt-CSF-NextCloud 00:24:26 Daniel-QT-Spotlight tips, Dictionary and Force Quitting watchOS 3 00:27:34 Brian-627-MacBook Pro Combo Audio Port 00:28:56 Daniel-627-iMac Combo Audio Port 00:30:21 Michael-627-Alternative Method to Record Sirius Stream 00:31:32 Ken-627-Closing unclosable Spam Ads 00:32:15 Mike-Remove Photo Location 00:33:03 David-623-Not all Fireproof Safes are the same 00:39:17 SPONSOR: Fat Cat Software - MGG saves 20% on PowerPhotos 00:35:33 SPONSOR: Harrys - MGG gets free trial set & post shave balm 00:41:59 Sam-Digging into iOS Diagnostics 00:57:09 Ed-Icons not appearing properly 01:00:21 Botnets, DDoS and The DNS Achilles Heel 01:25:49 MGG 628 Outtro

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