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You like Cool Stuff Found? Good! So do your two favorite geeks. Listen as John and Dave begin this episode sharing you – and their – new finds over the past couple of weeks. Apps, utilities, gizmos, and gadgets to help you truly increase your enjoyment and productivity with your technology. Then, of course, questions! Listen to answers to your (and other listeners’) questions about migrating drives, software subscriptions, Catalina Mail, Photos, APFS, and more. It’s all about having fun and learning five new things in the process, folks!

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2 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Found and Your Questions Answered – Mac Geek Gab 798

  • I was surprised that your advice for Charlie involved external drive solutions for all of his various disks… the new Mac Pro supposedly supports internal SATA drives with the Pegasus adapter sold via the Apple web site. It’s a little pricey ($399), but it comes with a 8TB drive. He could consolidate all of his existing spinning drives onto that 8TB drive, then move his applications from the SATA SSD to the internal T2 SSD. And finally, the new Mac Pro has PCIe slots, right? Just pull the PCIe drive adapter with its NVMe SSD attached from the old Mac Pro and put it into a PCIe slot on the new Mac Pro – done!

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