Malware? Not Malware — Mac Geek Gab 841

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Sometimes you feel like … a malware. Sometimes you don’t. That’s not how it goes, but that’s exactly how it felt for a lot of you this week! John and Dave talk through this and get to the bottom of it all. That’s hardly half of it, though. You know how Mac Geek Gab goes… your questions answered, your tips share, all with the goal of learning at least five new things along with your two favorite geeks!

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One thought on “Malware? Not Malware — Mac Geek Gab 841

  • I mentioned ‘Retroactive’ to Dave and John specifically because for me it allows me to use Apple Configurator to organize and modify any of my iOS screens, like my iPhone, etc. Due to visual problems it is extremely hard to finagle and do so directly on the iPhone screen vs doing it on my large computer monitor screen. So, in essence, this is a phenomenon of ACCESSIBILITY that Apple removed from us, but, Retroactive reinstates it for those with visual acuity problems. Thank you Mr. Cormier for developing this app. Patrick

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