Which M1 Mac Should I Order? — Mac Geek Gab 843

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Apple announced their M1 Macs today, the first Macs made with Apple Silicon chips. Join Dave and John as they dig into the specs to find out what the differences — and similarities — are between these models, helping you decide which one to order. Press play… and don’t get caught!

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Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:

  • 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 843 for Tuesday, November 10, 2020
  • 00:02:15 Three More Things… and more!
  • 00:03:02 Apple’s M1 Chip – The first Mac-based Apple Silicon Chip
  • 00:09:38 New MacBook Air - no fan!
  • 00:11:12 Which laptop do you buy?
    • Both have Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4
    • Both have Wi-Fi 6
    • Both have Bluetooth 5.0
    • Only Pro has a Fan
    • Pro has a couple of hours better battery life
    • Pro has 500 nits, Air has 400 nits
  • 00:27:05 Mac mini dissection
  • 00:30:25 Repackaging the iPad Pro
  • 00:35:28 Wrapping up

4 thoughts on “Which M1 Mac Should I Order? — Mac Geek Gab 843

  • I purchased the 16gb, 1tb, M1 Mac Mini. I currently own an upgraded 2012 Mac Mini that I was starting to feel limitations with and feel great about ordering this first-generation product. The bottom line is that it fits my needs and in the end, that’s what’s most important to me. That is the decision everyone has to make when purchasing any product.

  • I ordered the base MacBook Air. This is for home use, so I’m not too worried about power and apps, but it sure seems like I don’t need to worry anyway.
    I do feel a little weird about ordering a first-generation product, but I haven’t heard folks with the development units complaining. Have y’all?

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