All The Gear, But No Idea(r) — Mac Geek Gab 852

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Your questions drive the bus this week, as John and Dave provide answers about AirDrop, Spotlight, Screen Protectors, 10G Ethernet, Time Machine, and more. That’s not all, though, your two favorite geeks have Cool Stuff Found and Quick Tips to share, too. Join in the fun: press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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One thought on “All The Gear, But No Idea(r) — Mac Geek Gab 852

  • Hey guys, this is OT, but the TMO site has issues. It’s taking 30 sec to a minute to load any page. This is true on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, and the Win10 system at work running Chrome. The pages load really slowly, hanging for up to a minute, and often just stalling so I have to reload. This started late last week.

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