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M1 Macs have only been available for a few months, but y’all are buying them up like crazy. Of course, troubleshooting them is a bit different than familiar Intel models, and Dave and John talk through some of that while answering your questions. Quick Tips help to make this episode accessible for all, in addition to some non-platform-specific questions about troubleshooting in general. Listen in as your two favorite geeks help share the knowledge, and perhaps you’ll learn five new things, too!

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3 thoughts on “M1 Mac Troubleshooting, Quick Tips, and More — Mac Geek Gab 864

  • IHO, the information Howard Oakley provides on M1 Mac https://eclecticlight.co/m1-macs should be bookmarked on every M1 owner’s web browser!

    I’ve spent time reading Howard’s linked articles under the Recovery and Startup modes section https://eclecticlight.co/2020/11/28/startup-modes-for-m1-macs/ and until CCC (or other clone tool) is able to create a “true SSD cloned startup drive” and all else fails, the Recovery Mode or Fallback Recovery Mode looks like the best path to fixing a hard broke M1 OS. 


    With Big Sur and beyond, the most important thing that must be backed up is the Data Volume!


    I guess my underlining question is the what happens using the Recovery Mode or Fallback Recovery Mode on your Photos data if it was last used on a newer OS? I HOPE I never have to find out 😳


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