Set Up Third-Party Drivers and Unsigned Apps in macOS, Plus Ports in FreeBSD – Terminal Tinkering 5

It’s time for another episode of Terminal Tinkering, and this week Jeff Butts takes you on a tour of the dark and mysterious roads of third-party drivers for Hackintosh, unsigned apps for macOS, and the Ports Collection in FreeBSD.

Show Notes

Time for another episode of Terminal Tinkering. This week, Jeff shows you how to install third-party drivers on your Hackintosh. Then he cautiously rushes in where angels fear to tread, explaining the pitfalls of installing unsigned apps but showing you how to do it anyways. To round out the episode, he dives into the Terminal, makes his way into his FreeBSD-running Power Mac G5, and explains all about the Ports Collection and how to install it. The links included in this week’s episode are:

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