Apple’s iTunes Decisions, Apple Music Plans, the Need for LTE, More – ACM 431

In Episode 431, Bryan and Jeff dig into four topics, and they didn’t even run late. They discuss Apple’s App Store-ectomy from iTunes, Jimmy Iovine’s plans for Apple Music, FM radios in our iPhones, and whether or not Jeff is going to regret not getting LTE in his new Apple Watch Series 3.

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One thought on “Apple’s iTunes Decisions, Apple Music Plans, the Need for LTE, More – ACM 431

  • In short the size of the iPhone is too thin to house an internal AM radio antenna. Plus the internal clock frequencies in the iPhone will make reception with an internal AM antenna near impossible. Place your iPhone next to an AM radio and see what happens.

    An internal FM receiver is more practical as the FM broadcast band wave lengths are close enough to the length of a standard headphone cord or lightening cable for it to be an ok antenna. Internal clock frequency noise within the iPhone will not be an issue with proper shielding.

    Think there was also some confusion around the iPhone walkie talkie apps. I’m assuming these function on LTE and frequencies but many believe the FM chip is used instead. The FM chip is only an FM receiver if implemented. The Walkie Talkie Apps function over LTE frequencies. These Apps come in handy if the cell towers are down (no power or destroyed). Each iPhone used as a Walkie Talkie would need to be within physical transmitting range.

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