UNIX on Older Macs, the TMO Hackintosh, and Recording Your iOS Screen – Terminal Tinkering 1

In the first episode of Terminal Tinkering, Jeff Butts dives right into technology new, old, and different.

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Terminal Tinkering, the podcast where Jeff Butts tinkers with older and newer Macs, plays around with electronics, and tries not to break things so badly he can't fix them again. In this episode, Jeff will help you decide on a flavor of UNIX for your older, PowerPC-based Mac and then he'll tell you about the TMO Hackintosh, Valtur. To finish things off, Jeff shows you two ways you can record the screen from your iOS device using your Mac (or Windows PC, with one way). https://youtu.be/BFRutIW4EhU

The Elderly PowerPC Mac

Here are the flavors of UNIX Jeff has tested so far. Some work better than others ..

The Flavors of Linux

Here are the four main Linux distributions offering at least some PowerPC support:

If You Want to Give BSD A Spin

There are three primary flavors of BSD, but Jeff hasn't had much luck with any of them. Regardless, here are the links:

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