iOS 11 Favorite Features, Apple’s Entertainment Plans, Apple Watch Cheaters – ACM 427

iOS 11 is coming, and Bryan and Jeff discuss some of what they’re looking forward to. They also talk about Apple’s big plans in making movies and TV shows, and why it’s important for Apple to do so. The cap the show with a look at Apple Watch being involved with a baseball cheating scheme.

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2 thoughts on “iOS 11 Favorite Features, Apple’s Entertainment Plans, Apple Watch Cheaters – ACM 427

  • Jeff, would you please clarify what you meant by ‘redraw issues’ regardeing iOS 11 on an iPhone 6? I have the latest public beta on my iPhone 6+ and it is really un-spiffier. Often, when I launch an app (Mail, Safari, Overcast, Messages, etc.), there is several seconds of just s blank, white screen before the app UI actually appears. There are other quirks, especially with Messages, but that is the worst. If this is how non-beta iOS 11 behaves on the iPhone 6/6+, I may start believing in the theory that Apple artificially makes newer versions of iOS perform poorly on models more than a couple years old to… encourage users to buy newer iPhones.

    1. The laggy white screen thing happens on my test iPhone 6, plus screen rotation doesn’t redraw properly. Sometimes it’ll redraw so part of the screen is cut off, or is rotated 90 or 180 degrees. Occasionally the screen doesn’t redraw properly when the keyboard slides in or out of view, too, so part of what you should see is cut off.

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