Mac Upgrades; Elizabeth Warren Talks Apple – TMO Daily Observations 2019-03-11

Bryan Chaffin and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss upgrading Charlotte’s aging Mac and Elizabeth Warren’s latest comments about Apple.

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Show Notes

3 thoughts on “Mac Upgrades; Elizabeth Warren Talks Apple – TMO Daily Observations 2019-03-11

  • As for Democrats talking tough on tech… the party already gets millions from these companies, so either it’s a shake-down to get more money or a way to respond to public perceptions about tech companies getting too big, without actually disadvantaging the tech companies when it comes to the detail of the implementation. You rightly pointed out, what’s being said doesn’t actually make sense (surprise! politician). Don’t expect it to amount to anything.

    Kind of like talking big about gun control and the legislation not passing because Democrats voted against it when the time came. A lot of talk and distressing supporters to get votes, but not actually doing anything about it.

  • Late last year I had the iMac needs and upgrade issue. 2011 iMac, too slow, won’t run Mojave.
    I was also editing photos and videos on a 2015 MacBook on the road and while that wasn’t great, it was not much slower than the 2011 iMac to be honest.

    When there wasn’t the prospect of 16.4″ (and hopefully 14″) MacBook Pro models coming, the decision was simple. iMac is way overdue for an upgrade, so on the timespan I replace Macs, I just have to wait for the update, probably second half of 2019. 15″ MacBook Pro was available at a good discount in Refurb store, and now I have a good mobile editing setup at last, and a wait for iMac updates.

    I do all my photo & video work on the 15″ MBP, with a 23″ external display and I’m loving it. I specifically wanted to wait for 2018 MBP because as John Kheit so rightly pointed out – 6 cores is the biggest step forward Mac has seen in a decade.

    With MacBook Pro updates rumoured, I can’t recommend my course at the moment, but suggest Charlotte think outside the box to get to to iMac updates.

    • Boot from an external disk for example?? The problem with the iMac was not stated, but if it’s internal disk, that’s a non-issue.

    • Cool the bugger down. I went through a phase with the 2011 iMac where the GPU was putting nasty stuff on the display and I thought the Mac was on death’s door. Sunblock curtains and making sure it always had good airflow, magically cured this issue and the machine is still running years later, with no display nasties.

    You really do want the 27″ 5k display, which is actually rumoured to be upgraded somehow… if you remember the old rumours about the next iMac.

    The reason Mac rose to importance at all was because of its displays. Even the 1024×768 Trinitron displays ate anything Windows brought out, at higher resolutions and 70Hz refresh rates. Apple made its name on being the best displays. Which is one reason it revolutionised the print, music and video industries and held the pro monopoly on hardware for a decade. In iMac, there is still this ethos.

    Dropping external displays (and maybe Apple prices would have meant sales to only diehards, we’ll see later this year with MacPro), was almost a schizophrenic face palm move by the increasingly puzzling Apple management team.

  • I have a 2018 Mac mini with a $400 LG 4K display that I use for ScreenFlow video editing and I really like it. That setup is around $1,000 cheaper than an iMac.

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