Apple and Google Team Up, Contact Tracing – TMO Daily Observations 2020-04-13

Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple teaming up with Google on new technology for contact tracing, what exactly contact tracing entails, and what sorts of questions come up as a result.

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One thought on “Apple and Google Team Up, Contact Tracing – TMO Daily Observations 2020-04-13

  • Contact Tracing is Westworld for iPhone. Westworld tracked what people really did, as opposed to what the corporation thought they did. Contact Tracing closes the gap between the fictional ‘how beautiful is my life?’ of ‘social media’ and what people really do – who they interact with and how long for, where they go together etc. This is the holy grail of google tracking, and as Apple jumped the Privacy shark loooong ago, now only disclosing non-optional tracking when caught out, Apple Westworld, too.

    Apple’s devices won’t even show the Weather unless location services are on. Initially optional, now mandatory. Used to be able to nominate a location for weather, but -for a better experience- Apple will do it for you, just let it track you on every phone, iPad, watch… Tag etc. Down to the centimetre if you have the innocent U1 chip. (Initially undisclosed and mandatory, once discovered -optional-, and eventually it will be mandatory… again. AirDrop my ar$……)

    Anonymised data is a myth, debunked many times over, and TMO even now carries an article about the UK government salivating over de-anonymising Contact Tracing data.

    Conspiracy theorists don’t even look crazy anymore. People are already getting gold stars to show they’ve been checked for a fever today, and The Gates Pharmaceutical Corporation wants gold stars for those with anti-bodies and (in 18 months time) vaccinations (for an 18 month old variant of this flu, mind you). Big Brother has nothing on the post-flu society already proposed. Much less, what’s coming.

    Follow the example of a certain European government – their citizens can voluntarily adopt its Contact Tracing app, but if not enough people do that – it will make adoption mandatory.

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