Reddit Client ‘Apollo’ Adds Icons, Family Sharing, and Privacy Label

Apollo is one of the most popular Reddit clients for iOS. Version 1.10.6 brings great new features. Here are a few: Apollo now supports Family Sharing across all in-app purchases and subscriptions, so if you have a family member wanting to get in on the Apollo goodness they easily can now; Includes “Privacy Nutritional Label” information; Apollo now properly displays inline GIFs that Reddit has added to certain subreddits in the same inline way Apollo shows other GIFs in comments; Added subscribe and follow options to subreddits and users in the haptic touch context menus; and a bunch more.

Reddit Client Apollo Gets 1.7 Update With New Features

Apollo is a popular third-party client for Reddit, and it got a big update today with Apollo 1.7. The feature list is too big to share here, so I’ll share my favorites:

GIF sounds! A new phenomenon on Reddit as of late has been GIFs that have audio. Is that basically a video? Totally, but it’s great in a pinch on Imgur and Gfycat to give a little more life to a GIF of a kitty yawning.

Easier multireddit adding! You can now now add a subreddit to a multireddit directly from the subreddit.

Subreddit icon options! You now have the option to show subreddit icons by posts and by the subreddit in the subreddits list.

App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Creator of Apollo App Asking For Animal Shelter Donations

Christian Selig, creator of popular Reddit client Apollo, took to Reddit yesterday. He’s asking for animal shelter donations to support his local shelter.

Our local animal shelter (SPCA, similar to ASPCA in the states but Canadian) is overflowing with kittens thanks to kitten season (warm weather means kittens breed a lot) and running low on food so I wanted to make a donation but figured the Apple/Reddit community is a great generous bunch so I wanted to use that to maybe raise some more money for the shelter, so 100% of Apollo’s proceeds today are going to the shelter to get them food and supplies!

Apollo is free to download, and there’s an in-app purchase for the Pro version. If you’re already a Pro member, you can make use of the Tip Jar in the app settings.

Apollo 11 Space Capsule Goes on a New Mission

NASA’s Apollo 11 space capsule “Columbia” took astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to lunar orbit and safely back home in July 1969. The fiftieth anniversary of that trip is coming up soon, so the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is going to put the 13,600 pound capsule on display in four major U.S. cities starting late this year and continuing into 2019. This article at NPR has the story, the cities and the dates. (Image credit: Smithsonian.)