Netflix Says No to macOS Catalina, Won't Port its App Over

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With the release of macOS Catalina and Catalyst, many developers are now porting their iOS apps to the Mac. But not Netflix.

Last year, Apple Inc. software chief Craig Federighi said developers would be able to easily bring their iPad apps to Mac computers, essentially letting coders write an app once and deploy it across millions more devices. So far, the reality has fallen short for some developers and is even leaving consumers paying twice for apps. Major app developers and service providers like Netflix Inc. are also demurring on taking part, at least at this early stage.

I’ll be interested to see if Hulu ports their app over.

TripIt Adds a Mac App for macOS Catalina Users

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TripIt is a great app for travelers and lets you plan your entire trip with it. It recently launched an app for macOS Catalina that uses Apple’s Project Catalyst. Starting today, you can access TripIt on your desktop with the new TripIt app for Mac. Simply download the TripIt app for Mac on the Mac App Store to see all of your travel details in one place. With TripIt app for Mac, you’ll get the itinerary-managing power of the highest-rated travel-organizing app right on your desktop, including: A menu bar that makes adding travel plans a breeze, and the availability of more screen real estate and a full keyboard for fine-tuning itineraries; Notifications on your desktop so you never miss a beat; Plane-friendly features, such as offline access to your travel plans and Dark Mode; An enriched pre-trip experience, with access to neighborhood safety scores and links to Maps to help you explore the areas you’ll be visiting. Mac App Store: TripIt – Free

Catalyst Launches Drop Case for Apple Watch, Plus Sports Band

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SAN FRANCISCO – Catalyst launched two new products for Apple Watch at Pepcom in San Francisco on Thursday. I visited with the company at the event, and got a look at both. The first is Impact Protection Case for Apple Watch, in both 42mm and 38mm versions. It pops right on and off your Apple Watch and works with different Apple Watch straps. It’s drop proof up to 9.9 feet (3 meters), and comes in a variety of colors, including the blue shown on the left side of the image below. The Catalyst Sports Band for Apple Watch comes in gray, black, green, or the same blue. It’s made with a triangular truss structure to be both strong and lightweight. It also allows the strap to be closed anywhere along it’s length to fit you exactly where you want it (plus it has a double locking clasp). They’re both priced at $39.99, and are available now.

Catalyst Launches Drop Case for Apple Watch, Plus Sports Band

Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods

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Check out Catalyst’s Waterproof Case for AirPods, a protective cover for your AirPods case that is both waterproof (IP67, up to 33 feet) and offers 40 feet of drop protection. The video below shows how that works, and I think it’s pretty cool, especially for active folks. They’re available in multiple colors, including Frost White, Blueridge/Sunset, Slate Gray, Deep Plum, Army Green, and Glow-in-the-Dark. The company announced Tuesday that these cases will be available in Best Buy stores and the, and you can find them on the Catalyst website, as well as Amazon, and they’re priced at $24.99 at all three locations. [Edit: Dave Hamilton also thought this case was cool, as he wrote about them in January. Check out his personal video in that piece. – Bryan]

CES - Catalyst Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof Case

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LAS VEGAS – Catalyst has a shock proof and waterproof case for Apple Watch Series 3 that’ll keep your smartwatch dry up to 330 feet underwater. Jeff Gamet gets to check it out at CES 2018 in this video interview.