Check Out These Colorful X-Ray Wallpapers for Your iPhone

The Basic Apple Guy (via 9To5Mac) created a series of colorful iPhone wallpapers based on the X-ray images from iFixit. These iPhone 13 Pro | Pro Max schematics are a fun way to let you know the details hiding underneath your display. “Ten different designs have been created: Black, Xray, Sunset, Slate, Neon Blue, M1, Card, Blueprint, Rainbow Bloom, & Rainbow . And as a special treat, I’ve also added three additional designs: 3021, R08135, & DF, which celebrate figures in the community I admire. I plan on creating other colour patterns to release over the next few months, with these 11 being the first of many to come.”

Heartwarming Holiday Short Directed by Oscar Nominees Shot on iPhone 13 Pro

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Apple has released a new short film. It was shot on an iPhone 13 Pro and directed by Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman and his father, fellow Oscar Nominee Ivan Reitman. The soundtrack is “You and I” by Valerie June. The three minute film tells the story of a girl trying to keep her snowman alive all year. The ending is rather sweet!


An iPhone 13 Pro with a Dinosaur Tooth on the Back

Russian luxury company Caviar Royal Gift has the ultimate iPhone for the big spenders of the world. The Tyrannophone is a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro featuring gold-plated jewelry alloy inserts and a titanium sculpture of a tyrannosaurus head. The dinosaur’s eye is real amber. Caviar has included a real tyrannosaurus tooth fragment in one of the sculpted teeth. There are only 7 of these special edition iPhones. You can make one of these luxurious smartphones your own for the paltry sum of $8,610 USD.

Apple to Stop Breaking iPhone 13 Face ID After Screen Replacement

Earlier in November, we learned that Apple had engineered the iPhone 13 in a way detrimental to Right to Repair. Currently, if Apple doesn’t “bless” your iPhone 13 screen replacement, iOS deactivates Face ID. Now, the iPhone maker has told The Verge it’s backing down on that requirement. A software update is coming to make things a lot easier. Repair technicians replacing iPhone 13 screens won’t have to worry about that microcontroller.

Apple tells The Verge it will release a software update that doesn’t require you to transfer the microcontroller to keep Face ID working after a screen swap.

ChargerLAB Speed-tests iPhone 13 Pro Charging

Not long ago, ChargerLAB tested the charging speed of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The lab found the new iPhone could charge at 27W, compared to around 22W for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since then, they’ve run the same tests on the iPhone 13 Pro. Paired with the right charging brick, the iPhone 13 Pro can recharge at up to 22W, the same as the previous generation. Apparently, only the iPhone 13 Pro Max got the speed boost.