Apple Releases “Shot on iPhone 13 Pro” Video Featuring Chicken Rice War in Singapore

Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Chicken Rice Wars Singapore

On Sunday, Apple released the latest “Shot on iPhone 13 Pro” video on the official Apple YouTube channel. The new video featured the ongoing chicken rice war in Singapore’s hawker street food stores.

New “Shot on iPhone 13 Pro” Video Features Chicken Rice War

The new video followed the “Life is a Dream” film released last February. Renowned director Park Chan-Wook also used the iPhone 13 Pro to make the video. This time around, David Gelb, creator “Chef’s Table” and director of “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” made the new video. The video explored the different food served at the hawker center in Singapore. It focused on the famous Singaporean Chicken Rice which has become a staple in the country. Chef and restaurateur Bjorn Shen even referred to chicken rice as the “equivalent of pizza to New Yorker.”

The mini-documentary discussed the chicken rice war between Tian Tian and another business that offered the same chicken rice. Tian Tian’s former chef established the other restaurant and offered similar chicken rice.

Making of Video Shows the Use of Other Advanced Rigs

As mentioned, Gleb shot the entirety of the video using the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple also released a companion making-of video that highlighted the use of the cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 Pro. Gleb especially mentioned the ability of the iPhone 13 Pro to change focus on post-production work.

The new “Shot on iPhone 13 Pro'” video looked fascinating in its entirety. One could hardly tell that the production crew used an iPhone to shoot the video. However, it should be noted that Gleb and the production crew used other tools. In fact, the production team employed high-end video-making rigs such as sliders, gimbals, and others that helped in making the video look better.

When it comes to video quality though, there was no doubt the iPhone 13 Pro could hold up on its own.

And since the production crew used the iPhone 13 Pro, it helped them to position the iPhone in places where it would be impossible for an ordinary video camera to be positioned. This enabled the iPhone 13 Pro to take more interesting shots especially since they’ve worked in small spaces in the kitchen most of the time while shooting the mini-documentary.

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