LastPass Dark Web Monitoring, Security Dashboard Here

· Andrew Orr · Link

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LogMeIn announced on Wednesday the arrival of LastPass dark web monitoring, as well as a security dashboard for the password manager.

The new LastPass dark web monitoring feature proactively checks email addresses against a 3rd party database of breached credentials. If that email address has been found in the database, the user will be immediately notified by email and with a message directly in their LastPass Security Dashboard. From there, users will be prompted to update the password for that compromised account.

Apple Cloud Services, Password Management, Apple Leadership, with Peter Cohen - ACM 493

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

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Bryan Chaffin is joined by guest-host Peter Cohen to discuss Apple’s cloud services, including the ones they do really well and the ones that suck. They also talk about password management and practices, and look at Apple’s leadership team 8 years after Steve Jobs’s passing.

Throttlegate Lessons, Free Apple Video Rumors, Security PSA - ACM 485

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In the wake of Apple’s $12 million fine from Italian regulators, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet ask if the company learned any lessons from Throttlegate. They also update their plans for the show, discuss increasing rumors that Apple’s video content will be free, and offer a security public service announcement.

NAS, MDM, DGC and Other Fun Initials – Mac Geek Gab 653

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

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Sometimes you have to get geeky. No worries, Dave and John will talk you through understanding what NAS and MDM mean and why you might want to use them. Don’t worry, fellow geeks, there’s stuff in here for you, too. After all, that’s how Mac Geek Gab rolls! Listen, enjoy, learn, and prosper at the same time!