Relentless Doppelgänger is an AI-Created Death Metal Livestream

Relentless Doppelgänger is a 24/7 YouTube livestream that features death metal created by AI.

The deep learning behind the YouTube channel is trained on samples of a real death metal band called Archspire, hailing from Canada. These real audio snippets are fed through the SampleRNN neural network to try and create realistic imitations…SampleRNN is smart enough to know when it’s produced an audio clip that’s good enough to pass for the genuine article – and as a result it knows which part of its neural network to tweak and strengthen.

I think it sounds pretty good. \m/

Audio Hijack 3.5 Adds Broadcast Streaming Support

Audio Hijack 3.5 for the Mac is out and it adds a feature we lost when Nicecast was discontinued: the ability to livestream over the internet. The version 3.5 update adds a Broadcast block for Shoutcast and Icecast servers, which is just what podcasters need to livestream as they’re recording shows. It also supports multi-broadcasting and adaptive bitrates, plus switching between two inputs. Audio Hijack 3 is priced at US$59 and the update is free for version 3 users. You can get the app at the Rogue Amoeba website.

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