Yubico and Keyport Release Pivot 2.0 Organizer for Keys

Yubico and Keyport partnered on the new Yubico Keyport Pivot 2.0 organizer, a durable and functional everyday-carry solution for organizing and protecting your YubiKeys, house keys, and all keys alike. It holds up to 8 keys (or more with an extension kit) and offers a low-profile lanyard attachment. It’s easy to assemble and designed to keep everything set to the ideal tightness. Keyport developed several add-on modules that integrate with the Pivot: OmniFob Smart Remote, WeeLink charger cable, a NEBA Knife and a 12-lumen flashlight.

Yubico Authenticator iOS App Now Supports NFC

While Yubico has a security key that plugs into your iPhone via Lightning, the app also supports NFC YubiKeys now.

Instead of storing the time-based one-time passcodes on a mobile phone or computer, Yubico Authenticator generates and stores one-time codes on the YubiKey. A user must present their physical key in order to receive the code for login. This not only eliminates security vulnerabilities associated with a multi-purpose computing device, but also offers an added layer of convenience for users that work between various machines.