How To Fix Apple ID Verification Failed [2024]

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While Apple’s ecosystem is usually stable and reliable, sometimes problems occur. One particularly pesky issue is when you’re trying to log into your Apple ID or make a payment and you’re met with nothing more than a message stating, “We cannot process your request, please try again later.” If you’re one of the folks experiencing such an issue, here are some tips on what to do. These tips will be useful later on, since the issue has been recurring for years.

While the most recent large-scale issue with Apple ID services may have been resolved by now (according to the Apple Support Page), it has been recurring for years now. You may not have experienced it recently, but no one can give the assurance that it won’t happen to you eventually.

There are various instances wherein you might experience the said issue. This could be anything from logging in to your iCloud account and the server tells you that it cannot process your request at the moment. Or it could be when you’re trying to log in to Apple’.com’s services but Apple says that Apple ID verification failed.

How To Fix Apple ID Verification Failed

The most recent mass experience of this issue was related to an outage in Apple’s network. 9to5Mac reported a large number of Apple customers encountering issues logging in to their Apple ID services. Those who complained said that they were unable to log in and verify their accounts through two-factor authentication. Others were unable to make payments. Specifically, these users received a message saying, “We cannot process your request, please try again later.”

So, when Apple tells you to “try again later” while trying to log in to Apple services, below are some steps that you can do.

Check Apple System Status Page and Wait Until the Issue is Resolved

Apple System Status Page screenshot

The first thing you can do is to check the Apple System Status page. All of Apple’s services are listed on the website, and a green indicator means the service is working fine. But when an Apple Service such as iCloud Account & Sign In has a red indicator, it means that there is a problem with the service.

That’s what happened when many folks couldn’t log in to the Apple ID services as reported by 9to5Mac. A few moments later, Apple issued a notification beside the iCloud Account and Sign-In service saying, “Resolved Issue.” Hopefully, those who got the message saying “We cannot process your request, please try again later,” were able to sign in to Apple ID services after Apple issued the update.

Other Ways to Resolve the Issue

As per Apple, there are other steps that you can do if you’re unable to sign in to Apple ID services even though the service is working properly as per Apple’s server status. One of these steps is to check your Internet connection. If your Apple device is connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, check your router and make sure that you have a good, stable connection. If not, it might cause the failure to sign into Apple ID services.

Another step that you can do is to check the date and time on your Apple devices. Make sure that they are set correctly in your respective time zone. You may correct the time and date if they are not set correctly. Or you can enable automatic date and time settings.

You can also check your device settings and see if there are available updates to its OS. If there are available software updates, make sure to download and install them right away. This might resolve the issue at hand.

Final Words

If there are no issues with the Apple servers and you have done the steps mentioned above but you still can’t sign in to Apple ID services, then you need to contact Apple Support. Hopefully, you won’t often encounter the message saying, “We cannot process your request, please try again later.” Or better yet, none of us encounter the issue anymore.

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